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Saturday, 13 May 2017

The powerful US military came first in new 2017 rankings, edging out Russia in second place and China in third

THE US has this year retained its position as the most powerful military in the world, according to new global rankings.

America’s astonishing £465 billion budget, manpower, and strength across land, sea and air means it has edged out Russia, in second place, and China, in third.
Britain, meanwhile, lags behind the top three, followed by India and France, to finish in sixth place.

The US uses its massive budget – set to be increased by £42 billion under Donald Trump – to ensure it dominates every spectrum of warfare.

It boasts manpower comprising 145 million people, which in this category puts it second behind only China on 750 million. Russia, in eighth place, has only 70 million.

In terms of army tanks, the US ranks third behind China, which has a staggering 20,216 units, and Russia, which has 6,457. The US has 5,884.

But these statistics ignore the massive superiority the US enjoys in the air and at sea, which combined with its top three placings in other categories, ensures it remains top dog.

America has a staggering 13,762 aircraft, compared to second placed Russia with 3,794, and China, which has just 2,955.

It also boasts 19 aircraft carriers, a piece of weaponry only a handful of the world’s most powerful militaries contain.

Following the US in joint second is Japan and France, which both have four. Russia and China, in joint ninth, have just one aircraft carrier each.

The 2017 rankings – released by Global Firepower – come just months after Donald Trump pledged to increase the military budget by another $54 (£42) billion.

The President announced the plans in February as the administration began notifying federal agencies of his priorities.

An Office of Management and Budget official, who wanted to remain anonymous, said Trump wants to raise national defence spending by 10 per cent – which is already the highest in the world.

The official said: “We will increase security and we will decrease lower-priority programs. Most federal agencies will see a reduction as a result.”

The official did not specify which budget would see the biggest cuts but said there will be a reduction in foreign aid and that most domestic agencies will face cuts.
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