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Sunday, 11 June 2017

The most shocking moment in MMA history happened last night

MURTHEL GROENHART brutally knocked out Harut Grigorian when he bizarrely turned away mid-fight… but what followed left spectators stunned.

Fans stormed into the ring in frustration at Glory 42 as anger spilt over after the second-round KO in Paris.

Groenhart gave his opponent an an uppercut and then a knee to the face before Grigorian stopped fighting and turned away.

Meaning the 28-year-old ignored the golden rule of combat sports to protect yourself at all times.

As his opponent turned, Groenhart saw the opportunity to land a killer blow, a massive right hand that put Grigorian down and out cold.

Grigorian sunk to the floor with blood running from his face all over his face as the referee ended the bout.

But as Groenhart turned away to celebrate and he was attacked in his own corner by fans that stormed into the ring.

He was sat on the top rope and had his arms proudly raised in the air before two fans leaped up and went to punch him in the face.

Groenhart’s team were quick to defend their man and surrounded him as the raging fans were pulled away.

This saw a number of people jump into the ring and the chaos eventually calmed down after a number of people had got inside the ring.
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